Casa Baula, Playa Grande, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Luxurious, 3 Bedroom 2 Bath Home, on the sands of Playa Grande. Call today to book (415) 847-5522

The Casa Baula is more than just a RENTAL, it is our PRIVATE HOME! 

YOU have travel questions? WE have the answers!


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We have tried to anticipate questions you might have about your upcoming visit to Costa Rica and provide the answers here. We have also included some information that may be of interest to first time visitors.  If you need additional information, please send an email to or call (415) 847-5522 Pacific Time.


US Dollars are accepted everywhere. Do not convert to Costa Rican Colones. 

Bring plenty of cash in small bills--mainly $20s, some $10s and $5s. Costa Rica will not accept bills that are ripped or torn, or have any kind of writing or ink spots on them.

Do not depend solely on ATM availability. The closest ATM is located at the supermarket in Huacas about 15-20 minutes from the house. 

Call your credit card company, prior to your departure. Notify them of travel dates, when you will be using your credit card outside of the US.

Bring Visa and MC. American Express is not well accepted in Costa Rica. 

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Electrical Plugs are US compatible.

Most Costa Ricans dealing with tourists, are well educated and speak excellent English.

Costa Rica is a very clean country. The tap water is safe to drink. You will find little to no garbage along the roads, and on the beach. Many public restrooms are cleaner than those in the US.

One third of Costa Rica's land is dedicated National Park land. The parks are well maintained. Explore them!

Costa Rica is a long standing democracy, and safe for travel. Violent crime is rare. Be an alert and mindful traveler, behaving as you would if traveling in a major US city. (For example: Don't leave valuables in car, lock doors and set the house alarm when you leave.)  

Make a color copy of your Passport. Carry the copy with you, when traveling about the country. Leave your original passport and spare cash locked in the house safe.

We STRONGLY encourage you to please USE REEF SAFE SUNSCREEN only! Use mineral sunscreens with a zinc oxide or titanium dioxide base ONLY.  Please DO NOT use sunscreens containing chemicals such as oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate as these ingredients are destroying coral reefs worldwide (80% of Hawaii's reefs are dead) and are toxic to humans.  All Terrain Herbal Armor is an excellent natural bug repellent and is DEET-Free.

A hair dryer is available at the house. Our private label Casa Baula guest soaps and shampoo are provided.

Sunset viewing is a tradition for locals who live along the beach. Every night is unique and spectacular in its own right. When the horizon is clear, you may even see the famous "Green Flash." You won't want to miss it!!!

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 1. We recommend renting an all wheel drive car, during the rainy season, June-October. You will probably never need it, but it is a comfort to know you have it, if the road is flooded by a sudden rain, or you drive on an unpaved section. We recommend renting through our Concierge, or renting from a company whose name you recognize from the States. If you rent on your own, always reconfirm your reservation, and the time you expect receipt of the car, 24 hours in advance of your arrival.

2.  Gas Stations are few and far between. The closest gas station to the house is 15-20 minutes away on the road to Tamarindo.  If you are running low on gas, and pass a station, fill her up!

3.  Most roads and streets in Costa Rica are unnamed and most houses have no address numbers.  Keep this in mind when asking for directions.

4.  If it is your first visit, or you are unfamiliar with the road ahead, we recommend you DO NOT DRIVE LONG DISTANCES AT NIGHT.  The roads signs are not well lighted. Costa Rica has one of the highest vehicle accident rates in the world. Pedestrians, cyclists and farm animals are frequently on the roads at night. All of the above, in addition to poor visibility due to heavy rain, can make driving at night treacherous, especially when you do not know where you are going.  Keep in mind that due to Costa Rica's proximity to the equator, the sun sets between 5:30 and 6:30pm year round.  The sun rises between 5:30 and 6:30am, so take advantage of those beautiful early morning hours, for your longer drives.

5. Nearly the entire route from the Liberia Airport to our home is paved. Most paved roads now have lane lines AND Bott's Dots!!  On dirt roads with pot holes, it is fine to drive on EITHER side of the road, as well as on the shoulder, along the side of the road.  Drivers select the least bumpy route.  Don't be alarmed by cars traveling straight towards you.  If you are diving on the right side, most will yield the right of way.  As they say, "When in Rome..."

6.   It is not unusual to share, the main roads and highways with bikes, motorcycles, pedestrians, children, horses (with and without cowboys), pets including sleeping dogs, large herds of cows and farm animals of every variety.  The fatality rate in Costa Rica, for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycles is very high. However, never knowing what is around the next curve is part of the fun and adventure of driving in Costa Rica, so slow down and be aware.

7.  Expect the unexpected.

8.  If you notice several cars stopped along the side of the road, lots of tree branches in the road, and people outside of their cars looking skyward, there is likely a family of monkeys dining in the trees overhead.  Stop and check it out! 

9.  Always carry your U.S. driver's license and a copy of your passport.  Especially when in town, never leave anything of value in the your car, unless you plan to be in full sight of the car.

10.  Remember to allow more time than you think necessary to reach your destination. Locations may seem close on the map, but it may take longer than you would imagine to get there. Just relax and enjoy the lush tropical colors, the stunning flowers and the mountain and water scenery.  It is spectacular!